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Independent, Extrovert, Ego-friendly, Chess Maniac, Animal Lover.

A great design does not come from an hour or two, but there are countless days of hardwork behind everything that looks nice, and the efforts behind it crafts a stunning and unique experience. That’s what I call as a perfect design!

My Story

Hi Everyone!!!

You… not you….Youtube is the biggest video sharing site on the net…How big may you ask? Well, there are more than seven billion people here on this earth and Youtube has more than 17 Billion videos on it already. Now, this is how important and impactive internet has become. This shows that in today’s world if you really want to communicate with someone then you have to connect with him and being on Internet gives you the perfect platform of reaching everyone from local to global in one click.

And so this is where I step in or step up and this is who I am. I’m a freelancing (no, it’s not a code for being unemployed) website designer who also takes on the work of e-marketing i.e., marketing of firms, products, personalities, political parties, etc. on facebook, twitter,  youtube and other popular social media websites, tracking and analyzing the data of your popularity on such platforms and how to boost it even more.

Also, I create wikipedia pages, give content writing services. I also give views, reviews, opinions and advice to all the queries related to the field of publicizing and networking online.

I have been in this field now for the past 4 very fulfilling years, still learning, still growing. Also, I had the good fortune of working for many a Bollywood celebrities and high-end corporate brands.

Now as far as the remuneration goes for my work, it’s all negotiable but mainly depending on the job at hand, on its intricacies, complexities and size.

And just to put things in perspective….no, I’m not in the business of giving answers or solutions. So, all I do is give people options.  So if you pretend to have query of how to be seen by more and more people online, all I’ll do is give you as many choices as I can and that’s freelancing to me – to present people with many choices, alternatives. Because I believe answers change but good questions endure.

Now, something about myself – I am an independent, highly opinionated, happy-go-lucky gal with one passion which at times border on insanity – CHESS. And freelancing provides me with enough leisure time to insert myself wholeheartedly in this prime passion of mine. Because nothing gives me more pleasure than indulging in a well-fought battle of 64 squares where ‘one can win only when one truly wills.’

Lastly, I’m happy that I’m a hard-boiled extrovert and I love outings, visiting exotic locations, munching on novel delicacies, making new acquaintances and embracing life in all its features.

Looking forward,

Have a nice day!!!


Creativity - 85%

Client Oriented - 90%

Service Quality - 81%

Communication - 70%



When I work, I make a customer, not a sale.

Web Designing/Hosting

Web Designing/Hosting

Great designs are born of SIMPLICITY and CLARITY. I strive for both. And Yeah I agree that hosting is not a fashionable thing, but it’s mission-critical. A wrong place to save money.

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Logo/Graphics Designing

Logo/Graphics Designing

Whether its a logo or an important graphic for your business, what it means is more important than what it looks like. The idea is to symbolize as well as summarize. Seems tough? Hire me!

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Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion

Why promote on Social Media? Because marketing these days is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. Its about what customers tell each other it is.

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Content Writing

Content Writing

A good content creator knows the difference between being helpful and being a nuisance. So what’s the strategy? Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read. Be the best answer.

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Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia Page

Are you a celebrity? Is your business covered by media? Yes? Get “Wiki-ed”! Because there is no greater accolade than having your own space on the world’s fifth largest website, isn’t it?

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Business Presentations

Business Presentations

No matter how many hours you put in to create your powerpoint presentation, there are only three responses you can receive – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. Don’t know how? Ask me NOW!

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Clients Speak

And so they said...

Not only Prerna created a beautiful looking website for me, but she also helped with managing my social media pages as well as create my wikipedia page. She is best at what she does.

Jugnu Ishiqui,
Model, Dancer, Actress

Prerna did a wonderful job in creating a website for my brand that best appeals to the kids of Dubai. I am personally very happy with her work. She is very creative and highly talented.

Praveen Subramanian,
CEO, Crisp Food FZC.


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